Face tracking, adding virtual objects in Flash

In a previous blog I talked about using Flash and C++ for face detection. I’m going to use face detection to determine if the player of the game has the right distance to the webcam and is standing in the middle of the screen. But it’s also lots of fun to attach virtual objects to the face (like done in the more expensive Logitech webcam series), or to put filters and effects on the facial area.

Here is a quick example. The Jason Voorhees hockey mask moves along with my head in real time (about 60ms delay). The size of the sprite also changes as you move back and forward.

Face detection fun

Edit: Or go on a killing spree in style ;)

Face detection fun (keep your hat on)

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  1. mario Says:

    Hello man, look i need to do for my brother this example that you can do but i want to put a comic baloon on the head instead of a mask, can you tell me if you can sell to me. this aplication for upload it on my brother blog. ? and how much this it cost , i.m from colombia and we dont have a lot of money so please.. no so expensive. the aplication i need to run it on a pc with out internet too. for showing on his scholl .

  2. Silje Says:

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