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Khronos – time based photo browser

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Together with my team mate Meindert, I’ve created a cool photo browser for the Information Visualisation course given at the University of Amsterdam. A screenshot is displayed below with the end result.

The photos are being placed around the time line, based on the moment they are taken. You can slide through the timeline and zoom in to the level of displaying seconds. The positioning of the photo’s is done using a so called force based algorithm, which is often used in graph drawing. The photo’s are being attracted to the position on the timeline that corresponds with the time the photo was created. Also, the photo’s repulse each other. These two forces result in the intuitive positioning of the images. The more you zoom, the more clear you can see where the photo should really be.

Used technologies:

  • Java
  • JOGL (OpenGL for Java)
  • Force based algoritme for the positioning of the images.

My teacher and assistent were also happy with the result: we won the ‘First Price’ and the ‘OGL Wisselbeker’ Screensaver :)

Code is available on request.

Winnaar 2007