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Face detection using Flash and C++

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

As you could read in a previous blog, I’m trying to create a small webcam game in Flash that supports ‘physical input’ using a webcam. The frames are processed by a C++ server that uses existing computer vision libraries. This way it should be fairly easy to build in cool features like face detection.

Now I’ve finally managed to get some things working on my Flash / C++ computer vision project. Zoran (my project advisor at the University of Amsterdam) helped me a lot on the C++ computer vision part. Using the OpenCV library we’ve managed to put face detection in a Flash application! Input from the webcam is sent via a Socket to a light weight server running localhost. When a face is detected, a message is sent back to Flash.

The boundaries of the face in the image are also known. I just have to think of some kind of protocol to send and retrieve different kinds (and sizes) of data.

The result of the image detection from OpenCV (using the red color channel here):
CV face detection


Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

I’m a 24 year old Software Engineer at one of the biggest websites in the Netherlands. I’m a former Information Science student at the University of Amsterdam and a large part of the articles on this website are related to my master thesis there.

This is my humble blog, where I post some interesting stuff now and then. For the world to see it and to support my own memories.

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